Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked:


What do your fees cover?

The fee shown covers my travel, the consultation and ongoing email/text support until you are confident in your journey. If you have questions about additional support on top of feeding, such as sleep, that would require a new booking. 

What areas do you cover?

I am based in Hull and will travel up to 100 miles. I cover Yorkshire and Lincolnshire typically.

How do I select the correct service?

If you would like to book a consultation select the service that is the appropriate range of mileage from your home so that the system adds on travel time for me. The time you select will be the time I set off to travel to you and if traffic is bad, I will give you a call safely en-route. 

The confirmation email doesn’t say it is a home visit. Can you confirm you are coming to my home?

That is a limitation on the booking system currently about the location of consultations. The visit will be in your home. 

Do I have to wait for you to arrive before I feed my baby?

Please don’t feel you have to stop your baby feeding whilst you wait for me to arrive if for whatever reason the journey takes longer. In a two-hour consult, there will always be an opportunity to see a baby feed.

What precautions are you taking around the risk of Covid-19?

Every client who books is sent a confirmation that includes a link to a Covid-declaration. I only visit those who are not unwell or who have to isolate. I also will only visit if I am not unwell or not isolating. If one of my family members is isolating but I am not legally required to, I will still postpone the visit to keep you really safe.

Once I arrive at your home, I will be in PPE to keep you all safe. I will maintain a distance until I need to be closer to you for observations or checks. 

Who insures you to practice?

I am insured by Holistic Insurance for my lactation work and Balens insurance for CFT.

When did you qualify as an IBCLC?

I qualified in July 2016.


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