Gentle Sleep Support

Are you struggling with lack of sleep or want to instil good sleep habits?

If you are struggling with lack of sleep or want to instil good sleep habits in your home that are supportive of breastfeeding and/or your baby’s biological needs, then I may be able to help you.

We have reached a point where parents feel it is a stigma to say that they cannot cope with lack of sleep and society is deeply unsupportive of helping new families. It is okay to admit it is hard and is it okay to look for help to make some improvements.

Sleep is important for you and baby

We can all improve our sleep habits with a little guidance

I believe there has to be a gentle way to make life as easy as possible for you, and my sleep consults are not about Cry it Out or controlled crying. They are about understanding sleep and the family needs and what it is like from your baby’s perspective too. I am not qualified in any sort of “sleep qualification” but I do know a lot about sleep and have read a lot of studies and methods over the years. I think we can all improve our sleep habits with a little guidance by understanding what are obstacles to better sleep.

How I can help…

The idea for sleep support arose out of the desperation I encounter from parents regarding sleep deprivation. In my view, there is not adequate support in this area and parents are succumbing to dangerous practices or developing mental health issues due to lack of sleep. The objective of the consults is to promote a positive sleep environment. I want you to go away with an understanding of how sleep works and the physiological changes that happen in sleep so you can start to join the dots as to what your baby’s behaviour is like. I will even explore the chemicals involved in sleep and what can interrupt their normal course. I will cover normal baby behaviour by stages and help you identify coping techniques. I will also help you to establish a positive environment so that when your baby reaches certain milestones, the environment will already be in place to optimise sleep. Sleep is important for you and baby.

Sometimes a sleep consult turns into a feeding consultation!

I will also look at what can disturb sleep. Some babies can’t sleep for various health or feeding reasons. I will look at that area as it may ring some bells with you. Sometimes a sleep consult turns into a feeding consultation!

It is important that you know that this will be a non-judgemental consultation. I will not be horrified if you have tried sleep training for instance. I will discuss those methods with you and break them down to establish what to do should that need arise again. 

I cannot promise your little one will sleep better but I do hope you will feel better afterwards when you understand sleep and how to cope with night time parenting in a way that is more manageable for you.  

Some families see me for sleep support in the very early weeks so that they can embed good habits immediately (this does not involve clock watching, nap structuring or feeding restrictions). Others see me when their little one is a toddler who is struggling with sleep.


The main thing I offer

The most important thing I offer is the reassurance that I will believe you if you tell me things are difficult. If you think there is a problem, I will support you to find a solution. 

I hope that is what you would expect from your relationship with your lactation consultant. 

you do not have to be alone.

I know you’re doing the best you can,

I believe in you,

Keep going.


Linda x



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