Introducing Complementary Foods

Is my baby ready?

A lactation consultant’s remit does not end at six months. I can also support you with your journey when your little one may start to eat foods alongside breastfeeding. It’s a time of excitement but also apprehension for many. I remember very well worrying about what to offer and when. What was normal for my baby to be eating and what nutritionally they needed. Many parents approach me around 4-5 months to help plan for this stage of their baby’s life.


“I think my baby is ready to start eating, should I give her something?”

If I think what the most common questions I get asked, I would say the top question is “I think my baby is ready to start eating, should I give her something?” a question I can explore with you if you are unsure.

I love supporting families with introducing foods.

I find the way we teach about this is outdated in some areas and like to explore alternative approaches to complementary foods. My consults do not just look at nutrition and signs of readiness for foods. I also spend time on the promotion of good oral development, and the one thing that comes up time and time again – “My baby won’t eat”. What is most exciting about the work I do is that I incorporate my other disciplines to identify if there are reasons that a little one is not ready when expected and I have had good success with fascial work on toddlers who have been reluctant to eat. 

I can offer a private consultation for one family or some mums approach me as a group and ask for online classes that they all contribute to. I can either offer the session as a one-off session for one family or a set of three classes for a larger group. The reason I offer it over a number of classes for a group is because there tends to be more questions asked. Please contact me if you would like to discuss arranging group sessions.

An Introduction

The complementary foods consult covers the following areas and more:


What does the general guidance say?


Child development for eating


Should I start early to reduce the risk of allergies?


Should I be worried that my baby isn’t eating?


Why do we suggest to offer foods when we do and how has it changed?


What foods should I be offering? Why is there conflicting information on this subject?


What is best – baby led or purees?


Techniques to manage non or reluctant eaters


Do I offer food or milk first?


Should I offer other fluids?


How much should my baby be eating?


Choking versus gagging


I keep things simple


Book a consultation and speak with an expert

Discover a clear and open process that will help you

I provide ongoing support for you and your baby


The main thing I offer

The most important thing I offer is the reassurance that I will believe you if you tell me things are difficult. If you think there is a problem, I will support you to find a solution. 

I hope that is what you would expect from your relationship with your lactation consultant. 

you do not have to be alone.

I know you’re doing the best you can,

I believe in you,

Keep going.


Linda x